“Success is possible only through education of heart and mind,
this is holistic approach of education. The way for glory”

Many of the so called top educational institutions are platforms for show casing 5% of the students who are brilliant. The real educational institution is that which educates students as per their potentials.

Hazrat Ali (R.A.) has said, “One of the most precious age of a person is from 0-7 years.” So we have to recognise this age and lay the strong foundation for his/her development in the future. Wisdom has specially designed curriculum to create strong foundation.

“I find Indian professionals most hard working
and brilliant compared to the professionals of other countries”
-Bill Gates

It was until Bill Gates and other software giants came and identify our treasure of talent and took away to their countries, we couldn’t now awake. Same is the story of Bidar. It has the generation with tremendous qualities and brilliance, but there is need to groom them.

We follow the strong system of forming the mind not the filling of the mind which information, which normally conventional school do.

We have been in the field of providing educational services since 2002. We have crossed many miles forces, but we have ambition to gross many more. A few are:
1. We have two campuses with good infrastructure
2. We have been using technology driven education system
3. We have honoured with the best institution producing young scientists.
4. We have a system where in students get due care.
Come! Join with us, wisdom is a movement.

It is hard fact and a dubious record that the result of the Bidar District in SSLC and PUC is very low.

Can we guess how many IAS officers, Scientists, Entrepreneurs and Doctors we are losing every year ? And how long we continue to do ? We need to overcome this perplexing situation immediately in order to save the future of our generation in common and Bidar in particular.

About Talent Promotion Trust

Wisdom Group Of Institutions was established in the Year- 2002 by the founders of the TALENT PROMOTION TRUST (R). Wisdom Institutions are managed by talent promotion trust. This is a registered body. Trustees are educated and
Dedicated. Management has entrusted of managing wisdom group of institutions under the guidance of Mohammed Asifuddin. He is an eminent person tall with vigor and commitment. He has been in the field of training and educating youth and children since last 20 years. He has been Secretary of All India Students body doing yeomen services to the community. He has traveled country and gathered the experience.

He is associated with many Educational and Charitable Organizations of India. He is Graduate in Education

Our Vision

To nurture future leaders with Islamic values who shall make our beloved country a global knowledge leader and increase happiness and prosperity in our plural society with the senseof universal brotherhood as an obedient of Almighty Allah.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Institution is to be an Institution of recognition and improve quality of life of the social fabric by nurturing talent.


Following are the major consideration addressed by the goal and objectives of Institution:

• To Help develop self confidence

• Help & develop positive attitude towards school

• Implement practice of Islam by demonstration

• Build habit of concentration

• Help & develop habits of initiative , persistence, and excellence

• Prepare our students for worldly success

• Inculcate love for Islam and through Quranic studies

About School

In this confused and turbulent situation to fill the existing vacuum, to fulfil the long cherished dreams of worrying parents and to bring back the lost glory of Bidar, that was during the period of University of Mahmood Gawan, a team of dedicated intellectuals from the field of education with vast hands on experience and with tremendous paraphernalia have started Wisdom School under the management of Talent Promotion Trust (R) Bidar, with the sole aim of imparting quality education and inculcating best character and discipline in our young generation.

• To promote the role of education for National and International integration.

• To foster the inter cultural integration.

• To give impetus to women education.

• To promote education among the weaker sections including minorities SC/ST/OBC ’s socially deprived sections.

• To foster democratic values such as values of citizenship, communal harmony and national cohesion etc.

• To promote the cause of environmental protection.

• To keep the learners in constant touch with the happening taking place globally with the proper use of internet.

About College

In a short span of time the trust has successfully started PUC Science college in the year 2007.it has successfully instilled confidence among the students .Now backward students of walled city are not hesitant to pursue their education in the science field . this is consider ed as a great contribution to Bidar

We Provide:

• Separate campus for boys
• Separate campus for girls