Chairman's Message

Mr. Mohammad Asifuddin – Founder & Secretary

The educational base of the institutions at the pre-university level, thus paving its students for the preparation for IIT, JEE, Competitive Exams and also, it has been toiling to bring forth the talents of its students in the exams like NEET and at high levels Exams, the students at the high school level been trained in the exam like NTSC, at the National Level.
It has involved itself in the activities of teachers training at steps, which paves way for upliftment of student’s careers. With a “VISION – 2039” The institution has begun its steps with creation of research and development. It has always set up its career oriented development for its students for preparing themselves in the field of management studies, through arrangements of expert’s classes from other various universities or institutions as and when needed.

This way, the institution has been struggling for the overall upliftment of the student community along with social, moral and educational values.