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Wisdom P.U.College Of Science

College Code: FF138 (Recognized by Karnataka P.U.Board, Bangalore)
(PCMB – Science Stream)

  • Physics , Chemistry , Biology , Mathematics
  • Languages : English , Hindi, Urdu , Kannada

English Medium (Recognized By Govt. Of Karnataka)

  • 8th Standard
  • 9th Standard
  • 10th Standard


  • Language I : ENGLISH
  • Language II :KANNADA
  • Language III :URDU/HINDI
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social science

(Registered By Govt. Of Karnataka)

  • Vth
  • VIth
  • VIIth

(State Syllabus)

  • Classes I  to IV (registered By Govt. of Karnataka )

English Medium

  • Kids Club
  • LKG
  • UKG


Kids Club              :               above 2 ½ Years

L.K.G                     :               above 3 ½ Years

U.K.G                    :               above 4 ½ Years

Ist Standard         :               above 5½ Years


For Girls

8th To 10th Standard      : Burkha with white scarf & Black shoe

1 To 7th standard             : Umbrella cut Coffee color Frock  ,White Salwar , White Scarf

For Boys

8th To 10th Standard          : Coffee Colour Pants & lining shirt
Friday                                    :  White Pant ,white shirt

1 To 7th standard               : Coffee Colour Pants & lining shirt
Friday                                    :  White Pant ,white shirt

For Girls             :           Pink
Friday                    :           White Dress

For Boys             :            Coffee Colour Half Pant & Lining Shirt
Friday                    :            White Dress

For Boys      :          Navy blue pants + lining shirt + black shoe
Friday             :           White Dress

For Girls      :           Burkha  with white scarf & black shoe

About Us
In this confused and turbulent situation to fill the existing vacuum, to fulfil the long cherished dreams of worrying parents and to bring back the lost glory of Bidar, that was during the period of University of Mahmood Gawan, a team of dedicated intellectuals from the field of education with vast hands on experience and with tremendous paraphernalia have started Wisdom School under the management of Talent Promotion Trust (R) Bidar, with the sole aim of imparting quality education and inculcating best character and discipline in our young generation.